stitch library

The Default Stitch Set

The default stitch set contains the following stitches:
If you cannot find the stitch you are looking for you can add your own custom stitches by following these instructions.

Please note that in the Library the cable stitches are compressed to fit in the space available and will be correctly displayed on the charts.
(To view the images full size, right click and select "View Image")

Creating Stitches for the Stitch Library

To make a custom stitch or cable you can follow these instructions.

Video: Stitch Library Features

This video is a 5:30 minute (14MB) video that goes through the features of the stitch library, including creating a stitch set, and modifying existing stitches.

Intwined Feature List

  • Available for Apple Macintosh OS X or Microsoft Windows
  • Easily create your own charts and patterns for knitting. You can also use Intwined to create weaving charts.
  • Print your patterns, or save them as publication-quality PDFs
  • Export charts in your choice of image format, including BMP, JPG, PNG, TIFF, and SVG
  • The built-in stitch library includes over 200 stitches, cables, and symbols
  • You can add your own custom stitches and cables, or change the icons for existing stitches

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